Last three answers and final positions

My apologies, I should have posted the answers before, I was going to lats night but then I thought no, I’ll do it all tomorrow which is now today!

Janathon 29th saw this picture

Image 7


and it is b) Minerva McGonagall who also appeared on Janathon 10th and who has reared three sets of twins without ever being an ounce of trouble. I tend to think of her as the matriarch but in actual fact, she is the youngest of the five sheeps that I originally started with. Just one person guessed correctly so congratulations go to loupie!

This young lady graced the blog on Janathon 30th


and she is c) Fleur Delacour who was guess the sheep on Janathon 5th and who is mother of the extremely cute Ginny Weasley. Once again just the one correct guess and once again it was loupie!

And finally, Janathon 29th saw my banana eating friend


b) Nymphadora Tonks appearing as guess the sheep for the third time, her previous appearances being on 13th and 20th Janathon. Yet again just the one correct guess but this time it was winsometahn, well done!

So the the scores on the doors, listed below is the number of correct guesses from the number of guesses :-

rundmach 14 from 31 – winsometahn 12 from 28 – loupie 12 from 31 – abradypus 10 from 24 – Phil Lengthorn 10 from 31 – plustenner 4 from 18 – travelling hopefully 3 from 7 – angela 2 from 3 and grethic 1 from 1 – alas, all the other entrants failed to guess any correctly, better luck next time!

I hereby declare rundmach the winner – very well done – so pleased a Harry Potter fan won! It’s funny but like I said in my final blog, up until recently I hadn’t read any of the other blogs and had a picture in my mind of ‘rundmach’ being a German gentleman – just shows you how wrong you can be – Canadian female, not even close! Sadly Canada is just a little too far for me to bring your prize of two of the boy sheeps, I will however look for something a little more ‘mailable’ and when I’ve found it I’ll be in touch again!

Thanks to you all for taking the time and trouble to read the blog and play along with guess the sheep. As you all know, words cannot express how much I love my “teddy-bear” sheep but it has been a joy and a pleasure to share them with you and if you care to visit Mirkwood Ryelands facebook page you will see every photo of these wonderful sheeps that I’ve ever taken!

Thanks again, it’s been fun, see you next year!

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Two more reveals

Almost forget to do this again which is what I did last night, my apologies! Mind you, as I’ve not run since Sunday it looks like I’m forgetting to run too!

Here goes with Janathon 27th

Image 3


and this cute little boy is b) Aberforth Dumbledore (born 25th February 2014), brother of Albus and son of Nymphadora Tonks and Cranmore Presley. Three of you guessed him correctly namely rundmach, loupie and abradypus – well done!

And Janathon 28th

Image 1

was a) Pomona Sprout who was also ‘guess the sheep” on 9th Janathon. Two correct guessers this time, winsometahn and Phil Lengthorn – nice one people!

All the sheeps say they are none too keen on this cold weather and can we all emigrate to California – I am in agreement! 🙂

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Janathon 26th “Guess the Sheep”

This young lady (and my wellies) put in an appearance on Janathon 26th

Image 6

and I can confirm that it was a) Lavender Brown who was also ‘guess the sheep’ on Janathon 4th. Just one person guessed this one correctly so well done winsometahn! 🙂

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I’m revealing…

the answer to “guess the sheep” for Janathon 25th

Image 2

was b) George Weasley (born 17th February 2014) and brother to Fred Weasley (who was guess the sheep on 19th) Mum is Molly Weasley and Dad is Cranmore Presley who isn’t in my good books again today after giving me another dead leg (the right leg this time) – luckily he didn’t have much of a run up so it’s not so bad as last time but it still hurts, the bugger! 🙂

Three people guessed correctly this time round and they were winsometahn, loupie and plustenner – another reveal tomorrow night – thanks for playing along!

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And so it ends

And a very enjoyable if rather cold parkrun at Great Notley was how my Janathon ended. Wobbled round a very pleasant two lap course in 32.28 which I was more than happy with given how icy it was and if you’re contemplating doing it beware of the stonking great big hill at the start of lap two! They run a different course in the summer so I’m going to have to go back! This was my 150th parkrun and my 97th different one – thanks (though if I’d have known how it would turn out I’d have paid him good money to burn his camera!) go to Len Marten for taking this picture after the run. I can only assume my face was frozen! 🙂


Quite happy that even though I missed one day in the middle, I’ve managed to run 181 miles during January, huge thanks to Jogblog for setting and managing the challenge – just hope I can keep up the momentum for I have quite a few long distance challenges coming up this year!

And here is the final “guess the sheep”. She’s appeared here a couple of times before but she’s a particular favourite of mine and here she is enjoying a banana skin having already laid waste to the fruit itself


is it a) Minerva McGonagall or b) Nymphadora Tonks or c) Madame Maxime?

Janathon 24th saw this picture appear


it was of course b) Cranmore Presley sporting a rather natty baseball cap! Three of you guessed this one correctly and they were rundmach, loupie and abradypus!

As you have probably guessed, I am more than a little in love with my gorgeous sheeps and it has been a joy and a pleasure to share them with you, thanks to those of you who took the time and trouble to play along with this game! 🙂 I’ve been debating what to do about the last 7 days and I think what I will do is continue to post just a few lines with the correct answer for the next seven nights with a summary and league table of how you all got on one week from today! It will also give me time to think of a suitable sheepy prize, assuming you don’t want one or two of my little boy lambs! 😉

I must also apologise for not reading too many of your blogs, I’m too fond of my bed and know that once I start……………. I will however catch up with most of them over the next week or two – I think we can all pat ourselves on the back for taking part!

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Only a parkrun to go

Which is something I normally tell myself about three miles from the end of a marathon but it is also true in this case as I am hoping to run Great Notley parkrun tomorrow as my last effort for Janathon. Meanwhile I managed six and a half miles early this morning which I rather enjoyed.

And so to the penultimate “guess the sheep” – who is this lady who I woke up to take the picture


is it a) Ginny Weasley or b) Lavender Brown or c) Fleur Delacour?

Guess the sheep for Janathon


was b) Poppy Pomfrey who, along with Alicia Spinnet I sold to my bonkers sheepy lady frioend Charlotte in Yorkshire. I really didn’t want to sell them but I only have two acres of land and there is a limit to the number of sheeps you can keep and I knew they would be going to an excellent home! 🙂

Once again, just the one correct guesser and this time it was rundmach, as our American cousins would say “great job”!

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Not long now

Before we bid a fond farewell to Janathon – you just watch the weather improve! But for now, it could well be described as “brass monkey” weather as I did a five mile run in the dark and cold this morning but the thought of just two more days kept me going!

Not many more sheep for you to identify which is just as well as I’m struggling a bit for pictures but have a look at this wonderful mother and tell me

Image 7

is it a) Molly Weasley or b) Minerva McGonagall or c) Sybil Trelawney?

The answer to Janathon 22nd


was b) Ginny Weasley the first lamb born here and in the days before she had to have those horrible ear tags in – see below!

Image 12

Just one correct guesser for this one – well done loupie!

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My tiny hands are frozen

As is pretty much the rest of my anatomy! I’ve discovered that this house has an awful lot of draughts, sitting here typing this is akin to sitting in a wind tunnel! Anyway, you don’t want to know about that, “how far did you run?” I hear you cry, or maybe it was just the wind howling! Just over four miles is the answer and it was in fairly benign conditions at 5.30 this morning.

Guess the sheep, you’ve seen all my sheeps at least once now so who is this pretty girl?

Image 1

Is it a) Pomona Sprout or b) Fleur Delacour or c) Luna Lovegood?

Janathon 21st saw this young man appear

Image 2

and he is b) Neville Longbottom (born 21st February) Mum is Luna Lovegood and Dad is Cranmore Presley and he has unusually long legs for a Ryeland sheep! And just one correct guess for this one, well done rundmach!

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Four more days!

And then I might give myself a day off – come to think of it, the 1st February is a Sunday so I probably won’t! 😦

Anyway, todays effort was a little over 6 miles which I found quite a bit harder than it should have been but it’s done and that’s all that counts!

And just five more sheepy pictures to have a guess at. This one is the last of the little boys

Image 3

is it a) Albus Dumbledore or b) Aberforth Dumbledore or c) Neville Longbottom?

And the answer to Janathon 20th



was a) Nymphadora Tonks with this years twins namely Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore so maybe a grown up picture of one of them appears above? Two correct guessers for this one – winsometahn and Phil Lengthorn – nice work!

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Once more unto Ferry Meadows, dear friends

Because once again I couldn’t drag my sorry bottom out of bed for an early run so a lunchtime 3 mile run round this very scenic part of Peterborough was the order of the day.

And who is this pretty lady who has appeared in guess the sheep once before?

Image 6


Is it a) Lavender Brown or b) Pomona Sprout or c) Fleur Delacour?

Guess the sheep for Janathon 19th


was b) Fred Weasley (born 17th February 2014) Mum is Molly Weasley and Dad is Cranmore Presley and he is twin brother to Geroge Weasley who may or may not have appeared as guess the sheep! Two correct guessers this time round, Phil Lengthorn (who is getting rather good at this!) and plustenner, well done folks!

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