Are we nearly there yet?

It seems like Juneathon has been going on forever, the running I can handle reasonably well but every night I sit here for an hour or so racking my brain for something interesting to blog about and, as for pretty well every other night thus far, I’ve come up with a complete blank!

Once again I tumbled out of bed at 5 o’clock and headed into Boston for a run of just over 5 miles and I’m delighted to say the rain held off until I was almost back which is more than can be said for the motorcycle journey to work which was very, very wet! Just one more day to go though then I can put the bike away and just ride it on high days and holidays or when the sun is cracking the flags!

Running (ha, ha!) total for Juneathon = 218k


About JovialGnome

Heavily into running 20 years ago with a PB of 1.42.00 in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon in 1985 and 3.48.49 in the Telford Marathon in 1986 - then for some reason I just stopped and have done little or no physical exercise between then and 2 or 3 years ago! I've now moved to Boston in Lincolnshire where I really enjoy looking after my 13 Ryeland ewes and 1 ram and am rejoicing in the distinct lack of hills! I suspect that sub 4 hour marathons are gone forever but hey, I'm having a great time trying!
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3 Responses to Are we nearly there yet?

  1. abradypus says:

    Juneathon induced writers’ block is a recognised medical condition. But don’t stop now!

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