And so it begins…..

I finished 2012 having run a total of 1631 miles which was 28 miles more than 2011; so much for my resolution to replace quantity with quality! This is why I’m not a great one for resolutions because it is very rare that I see them through though this year WILL be different! Try as I might I can no longer ignore the fact that I am quite a bit overweight – people who are only 5’3″ tall aren’t supposeed to weigh 11st 1lb. I really do need to lose the better part of two stones and I’m fairly sure that cutting out all snacks, losing the sugar from my tea and going bonkers for Janathon will have the desired effect. I’m also hoping that such weight loss will reduce my running times too and I’m hoping to run nearer to 4hrs than 5hrs for the two marathons I have planned this year!

The first day of Janathon saw me at King’s Lynn parkrun where I completed a warm-up to the accompaniment of unintelligable jeers (cheers?) of a large group of drunken Eastern Europeans who were imbibing freely of the falling-down-juice. They were still there for the 1st lap of the run but must have¬†become bored for they had disappeared for the 2nd and 3rd laps! Given the fact that, as above, I am somewhat on the tubby side of svelte I was reasonably pleased to wobble round in 31.48 and was equally surprised to see a full compliment of wonderful volunteers on New Years Day, well done guys and gals! Alas the cafe was closed and so once the final runner was cheered across the line everyone dispersed quite rapidly.

So that’s it, first day and first blog done. If, as I suspect I will, I run out of things to prattle on about I plan to post a picture of “sheep of the day” and so just to whet your appetite I bring you (roll of drums), Molly in a festive hat!



About JovialGnome

Heavily into running 20 years ago with a PB of 1.42.00 in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon in 1985 and 3.48.49 in the Telford Marathon in 1986 - then for some reason I just stopped and have done little or no physical exercise between then and 2 or 3 years ago! I've now moved to Boston in Lincolnshire where I really enjoy looking after my 13 Ryeland ewes and 1 ram and am rejoicing in the distinct lack of hills! I suspect that sub 4 hour marathons are gone forever but hey, I'm having a great time trying!
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7 Responses to And so it begins…..

  1. Sheep of the day… it!

  2. 7stoneitch says:

    Yay, glad to see you back blogging. Looking forward to Sheep of the Day!!

  3. I cannot express my excitement at the prospect of Sheep of the Day. Oh and well done on the running thing…

  4. runorgocrazy says:

    Brilliant! Looking forward to 31 sheep of the day!

  5. Great mileage for 2011. I sympathise fully about what people of 5’3 should weigh… if we give up all life’s pleasures for Janathon do you think we might make it?

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