Sixteen days and counting

A 6.7 mile run was my Janathon effort for day sixteen, enjoyed it but started to feel a bit of a twinge in my right knee, hope it’s nothing important ’cause I’m not stopping now! 🙂

Truth to tell, I’ve all but run out of pictures for guess the sheep – I’ll get some new ones taken this weekend but for now, who is this pretty girl showing a great deal of interest in the camera


Is it a) Minerva McGonagall or b) Molly Weasley or c) Sybil Trelawney?

The answer to guess the sheep for day nine

Image 16

is c) Pomona Sprout (born 12 March 2012) and had a single little boy lamb last year who she would have nothing whatsoever to do with so I bottle fed him


and sold him to a lady called Charlotte in Yorkshire who, by the sound of things, spends most of the day cuddling him and her other sheep!

At one stage I was looking to reduce the size of the flock and came close to selling Pomona and Lavender but the woman who was supposed to be buying them messed me about a bit so in the end I kept them both and I’m so pleased I did ’cause they’ve both turned into lovely friendly sheeps!

Correct guessers for today were rundmach and angela – well done both!


About JovialGnome

Heavily into running 20 years ago with a PB of 1.42.00 in the Shrewsbury Half Marathon in 1985 and 3.48.49 in the Telford Marathon in 1986 - then for some reason I just stopped and have done little or no physical exercise between then and 2 or 3 years ago! I've now moved to Boston in Lincolnshire where I really enjoy looking after my 13 Ryeland ewes and 1 ram and am rejoicing in the distinct lack of hills! I suspect that sub 4 hour marathons are gone forever but hey, I'm having a great time trying!
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5 Responses to Sixteen days and counting

  1. I’m going for Molly….but i don’t think i’m very good at this game!

  2. rundmach says:

    Wohoo. I got another one right!
    Is this Molly?

  3. Loupie says:

    awww baby lambs

    Going for Molly for this one

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