Not long now

Before we bid a fond farewell to Janathon – you just watch the weather improve! But for now, it could well be described as “brass monkey” weather as I did a five mile run in the dark and cold this morning but the thought of just two more days kept me going!

Not many more sheep for you to identify which is just as well as I’m struggling a bit for pictures but have a look at this wonderful mother and tell me

Image 7

is it a) Molly Weasley or b) Minerva McGonagall or c) Sybil Trelawney?

The answer to Janathon 22nd


was b) Ginny Weasley the first lamb born here and in the days before she had to have those horrible ear tags in – see below!

Image 12

Just one correct guesser for this one – well done loupie!

About JovialGnome

An occasional blog about sheep and parkrun...... let's face it, what else is there! šŸ˜ƒ
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6 Responses to Not long now

  1. winsometahn says:

    Is that Molly Weasley?

  2. Sybil? I’m gonna miss guess the sheep!

  3. I’d go with Mrs Wesley too.

    (Not like that…. I mean…that would be my answer)

  4. Loupie says:

    Oooh I was the only one right. Exciting.


  5. plustenner says:

    Molly methinks šŸ™‚

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