Only a parkrun to go

Which is something I normally tell myself about three miles from the end of a marathon but it is also true in this case as I am hoping to run Great Notley parkrun tomorrow as my last effort for Janathon. Meanwhile I managed six and a half miles early this morning which I rather enjoyed.

And so to the penultimate “guess the sheep” – who is this lady who I woke up to take the picture


is it a) Ginny Weasley or b) Lavender Brown or c) Fleur Delacour?

Guess the sheep for Janathon


was b) Poppy Pomfrey who, along with Alicia Spinnet I sold to my bonkers sheepy lady frioend Charlotte in Yorkshire. I really didn’t want to sell them but I only have two acres of land and there is a limit to the number of sheeps you can keep and I knew they would be going to an excellent home! 🙂

Once again, just the one correct guesser and this time it was rundmach, as our American cousins would say “great job”!

About JovialGnome

An occasional blog about sheep and parkrun...... let's face it, what else is there! 😃
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4 Responses to Only a parkrun to go

  1. rundmach says:

    Hahaha. Thank you!! I am also going Lavender Brown!

  2. plustenner says:

    Good luck for the parkrun 🙂 Is it Ginny??

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