And so it ends

And a very enjoyable if rather cold parkrun at Great Notley was how my Janathon ended. Wobbled round a very pleasant two lap course in 32.28 which I was more than happy with given how icy it was and if you’re contemplating doing it beware of the stonking great big hill at the start of lap two! They run a different course in the summer so I’m going to have to go back! This was my 150th parkrun and my 97th different one – thanks (though if I’d have known how it would turn out I’d have paid him good money to burn his camera!) go to Len Marten for taking this picture after the run. I can only assume my face was frozen! 🙂


Quite happy that even though I missed one day in the middle, I’ve managed to run 181 miles during January, huge thanks to Jogblog for setting and managing the challenge – just hope I can keep up the momentum for I have quite a few long distance challenges coming up this year!

And here is the final “guess the sheep”. She’s appeared here a couple of times before but she’s a particular favourite of mine and here she is enjoying a banana skin having already laid waste to the fruit itself


is it a) Minerva McGonagall or b) Nymphadora Tonks or c) Madame Maxime?

Janathon 24th saw this picture appear


it was of course b) Cranmore Presley sporting a rather natty baseball cap! Three of you guessed this one correctly and they were rundmach, loupie and abradypus!

As you have probably guessed, I am more than a little in love with my gorgeous sheeps and it has been a joy and a pleasure to share them with you, thanks to those of you who took the time and trouble to play along with this game! 🙂 I’ve been debating what to do about the last 7 days and I think what I will do is continue to post just a few lines with the correct answer for the next seven nights with a summary and league table of how you all got on one week from today! It will also give me time to think of a suitable sheepy prize, assuming you don’t want one or two of my little boy lambs! 😉

I must also apologise for not reading too many of your blogs, I’m too fond of my bed and know that once I start……………. I will however catch up with most of them over the next week or two – I think we can all pat ourselves on the back for taking part!

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An occasional blog about sheep and parkrun...... let's face it, what else is there! 😃
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7 Responses to And so it ends

  1. I didn’t see all of the sheep I’m afraid, but those I did were, of course B.E.A. EWE TIFUL
    Well done on a very consistent (and high mileage!) Janathon

  2. Minerva! Well done on the mileage…it’s been great fun! I now love sheep too!

  3. winsometahn says:

    Brilliant mileage! Thank you for all the photos of your lovely sheep – they’ve been a highlight!
    I think this is Nymphadora Tonks.

  4. rundmach says:

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your heard and I loved reading your blog! Still love that they are all Harry Potter names 🙂

    Today I will go with Madame!

  5. Loupie says:

    Well done on your mileage. I’ve enjoyed seeing all your sheep.

    This this lovely lady is Minerva

  6. plustenner says:

    181 miles!! wow… today I am going with Madam Maxime

  7. Brilliant mileage and Janathon ing.

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