It’s Sunday so it must be a long run

And indeed it was, not ever so long but just shy of 13 miles will do for now though I’ll need to build on that in the weeks to come, but finishing feeling like you could have gone on is certainly a plus!

Have taken some more sheepy pictures today so who is this young man standing in the long grass?

Image 2


Is it a) Albus Dumbledore or b) George Weasley or c) Neville Longbottom?

Guess the sheep for Janathon 18th

Image 1

was b) Albus Dumbledore (born on 25th February 2014) his Mum is Molly Weasley and his Dad is Cranmore Presley – he really is a pretty boy, I know it sounds daft but he has very feminine features for a ram lamb, proper little cutie! 🙂

Just two correct guessers this time, Phil Lengthorn and Abradypus, well done! And just because I can, here is a gratuitous picture of Victoire Weaskey who wanted a selfie! 🙂


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The end is in sight…

That’s it, just a week to go! But today I had a bit of a lie in and didn’t manage to pull in a parkrun due to work so contented myself with a trot round ferry Meadows in Peterborough at lunch time, and very pleasant it was too!

Going to have to take some more sheepy pictures tomorrow ’cause I’m running out of new ones! Really easy one for you tonight, who is this fella with a penchant for wearing hats?



Is it a) Aberforth Dumbledore or b) Cranmore Presley or c) Neville Longbottom and if you don’t all get it right I’ll be very disappointed! 🙂

The answer to Janathon 17th


was a) Rolanda Hooch who was also guess the sheep on 12th. I thought the black eye (falling off too many broomsticks!) was a bit of a giveaway but obviously not as only one person guessed correctly, well done winsometahn!


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OK winter, you can stop now!

Because according to my thermometer it was the coldest night of the winter so far and it certainly felt like it on my 6 mile run at 5.30 this morning, I’m just starting to get a bit fed up with being cold!

A slight variation to guess the sheep ’cause I no longer own this young lady as I sold her to my dippy but good friend Charlotte in Yorkshire where she and her lambs are cuddled to within and inch of their lives! 🙂


So is it a) Angelina Johnson or b) Alicia Spinnet or c) Poppy Pomfrey?

And the answer to Janathon 16th



was b) Molly Weasley who I’ve told you about before and who was correctly guessed by no less than four of you – Phil Lengthorn, rundmach, loupie and abradypus – you’re all getting quite good at this!


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Heavy duvet syndrome

Is what I was suffering from this morning and so didn’t drag myself out of bed early doors as I usually do. Instead I plumped for a 3 and a bit mile wobble round Swaffham at lunch time, still not feeling 100% but a run’s a run!

Who is this pretty young lady in her earlier days who looks like she’s eating some particularly sticky toffee!



Is it a) Rolanda Hooch or b) Ginny Weasley or c) Victoire Weasley?

And the answer to Janathon 15th


is c) Neville Longbottom (born 21st February 2014) – Mummy is Luna Lovegood and Dad is Cranmore Presley (Elvis) and as I can’t bring myself to sell him or any of his brothers he will live a long and healthy life here in Boston!

An impressive four of you guessed correctly, congratulations to Phil Lengthorn, rundmach, loupie and plustenner!

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Another cold, early one

However it’s Janathon so it has to be done but just 4.3 miles this morning, it was cold, I’m still not feeling on top form so let’s move quickly on to guess the sheep!

Who is this cute little fella?

Image 2

Is it a) George Weasley or b) Neville Longbottom or c) Aberforth Dumbledore?

And the answer to Janathon 14th


was b) Luna Lovegood with her son Neville Longbottom! Luna appeared in the answers on 10th which will tell you a bit more about her! Just two correct guessers again today, loupie and abradypus – well done!

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I’ll be brief…

Because it’s time for bed! My Janathon effort early this morning was 5.2 miles round one of my usual routes which has left me with very sore quads, I think the one that Elvis didn’t hit has come out in sympathy! I’ve got this horrible suspicion that a cold could be headed my way as I feel generally bleurgh!

Who is this wonderful Mum with her twin boy lambs from earlier this year?



Is it a) Nymphadora Tonks or b) Minerva McGonagall or c) Molly Weasley?

The answer to Guess the Sheep from Janathon 13th



was a) Nymphadora Tonks (born 4th March 2010) and from day one was both incredibly cute and incredibly friendly! First year she had twin boys, last year she had twin girls called Harriet Potter and Hermoine Granger. Harriet sadly died and I sold Hermoine to another flock in North Yorkshire. This year she had twin boys who I still have and who rejoice in the names of Albus and Aberforth Dumbledore!

I think you all know me too well – four correct guessers this time – winsometahn, rundmach, loupie and abradypus – nice work people!

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Another day, another run

Day off today so my Janathon effort was a six mile lunch time run which I quite enjoyed but no thanks to young Elvis for the thigh which still hurts!

Guess the Sheep today is another of the young boys so is this splendid little chap


a) Cranmore Presley or b) Fred Weasley or c) George Weasley?

The answer to this little cutie posted on Janathon 12th

Image 4


is a) Rolanda Hooch (born 18th April 2013) her Mum being Minerva McGonagall and her Dad Cranmore Presley. She is yet to have any lambs of her own but was rather poorly with fly strike earlier this year. She’s made a full recovery and is pretty much the friendliest sheep I own and if I ever do a parkrun with a sheep, Rolanda will be the one! 🙂

Just two correct guessers this time and they were winsometahn and loupie but plustenner I’m surprised you didn’t get it for it was you that came up with the name!


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Day 18 of Janathon

Apologies for the delay, photos wouldn’t upload last night and my bed was beckoning!

OK so I may have fallen off the Janathon bus but the object of the exercise today was, if not to actually get back on it, to catch it up and run along behind it rather than see the taillights fade into the distance! 🙂 And it had the added advantage that I’m back on track with Jantastic!

This I think I did by running 6.1 miles first thing this morning and 4.4 miles last thing this afternoon, the afternoon one made more difficult because Elvis the ram decided to head butt me when my attention was momentarily diverted the git! Knocked me flat on the floor and gave me a dead leg that still hurts like hell, at least it made me forget about the knee! 🙂 Conversion into mutton was mentioned but I’d never do it ’cause I love the old reprobate too much, it’s the first time he’s caught me in a long while, you have to watch him like a hawk – I swear if a sheep could laugh……..

Talking of which, got some pictures of the boys this afternoon so who’s this pretty little boy

Image 1

is it a) Neville Longbottom or b) Albus Dumbledore or c) Fred Weasley?

The answer to guess the sheep for 11th Janathon

Image 5

was b) Madame Maxime (born on 17th March 2014) she is a proper cutie and is by far and away the biggest ewe I own, she’s almost as big as Elvis the ram! She didn’t conceive the first year she was here, had 3 enormous but alas stillborn lambs last year and one piddling little ewe lamb this year who she looked after and loved but who she flatly refused to let suckle her so I ended up bottle feeding another one and selling her to my dippy friend in Yorkshire!


Just two correct guessers for this one – Phil Lengthorn and rundmach, congratulations!

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Janathon fail!

Alas I have fallen off the Janathon wagon! I set out this morning with the intention of running Aylesbury parkrun which would have been my 97th different event but after driving 107 miles I got there to find the event was understandably called off due to sheet ice on the course. Because I had forgotten my Suunto I decided against doing a freedom run (no way of verifying it) and headed off to checkpoint one of the Country to Capital Ultra to surprise and offer encouragement to abradypus on her 44 mile journey. I then carried on to checkpoint two (which had been my original intention) where she seemed to be remarkably spritely and making good time so I bade her a fond farewell and headed home.

It still being daylight and me still having my running clobber on I headed off down the road but had barely gone 100 yards when I decided that my knee was less than comfortable and that I would give it a miss for today so there you have it, I have failed! Unless I can pull in two runs tomorrow (very doubtful!) I have failed Jantastic too for I had opted to do seven runs a week for January.

Anyway, to cheer myself up a bit, who is this little cutie in her younger days? She has already appeared once in Guess the Sheep.


Is it a) Rolanda Hooch or b) Victoire Weasley or c) Ginny Weasley?

And this classy lady who appeared on 10th Janathon with no wool on


is a) Minerva McGonagall (born 18th March 2010) and she has had twin boys the first year she was here, Rolanda Hooch and a boy lamb who sadly died last year and this year she had a girl and a boy lamb that I sold to my delightfully dippy friend in Yorkshire and she has named them Double and Trouble! She’s a wonderful mother but she had a bit of trouble with her udder this year, hopefully a year off will have done the trick ’cause you can tell she loves looking after her lambs!

Three of you guessed correctly and they were rundmach, loupie and abradypus – well done!

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Sixteen days and counting

A 6.7 mile run was my Janathon effort for day sixteen, enjoyed it but started to feel a bit of a twinge in my right knee, hope it’s nothing important ’cause I’m not stopping now! 🙂

Truth to tell, I’ve all but run out of pictures for guess the sheep – I’ll get some new ones taken this weekend but for now, who is this pretty girl showing a great deal of interest in the camera


Is it a) Minerva McGonagall or b) Molly Weasley or c) Sybil Trelawney?

The answer to guess the sheep for day nine

Image 16

is c) Pomona Sprout (born 12 March 2012) and had a single little boy lamb last year who she would have nothing whatsoever to do with so I bottle fed him


and sold him to a lady called Charlotte in Yorkshire who, by the sound of things, spends most of the day cuddling him and her other sheep!

At one stage I was looking to reduce the size of the flock and came close to selling Pomona and Lavender but the woman who was supposed to be buying them messed me about a bit so in the end I kept them both and I’m so pleased I did ’cause they’ve both turned into lovely friendly sheeps!

Correct guessers for today were rundmach and angela – well done both!

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